learn how to connect more intuitively with your dog

Join our animal circle to learn how to connect more intuitively with your furry companions.

The power of the group is that the intention of learning is not an individual journey. The fun of communicating with animals is that it is a community. Something animals are very familiar with – they know how important it is to work together to keep the balance on earth.

In our monthly gathering, we connect with a specific topic. This month’s topic is related to our group and the seasons of the year. It is so much easier to play with our animals when it makes sense to do so – living with the rhythm of our planet in the combination of the seasons.

My offerings in the circle:

  • A small personal reading about your animal
  • Learning more about animal communication
  • Learning to hear and listen from other readings within the circle
  • To learn to take animal communication with your animal into your own hands
  • Create a blueprint to talk with your animal daily
  • The opportunity for you to ask me questions via email to help you communicate better with your animal

Date: 24 June 2020
Time: 1 pm Mountain time
Cost: $250

Book your place here, as soon as possible as it fills up quickly! I can’t wait to welcome you to our circle.

Click on the buy now button to book & pay for your space.


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