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Is missing, really missing?

In my animal communication circle, I have the pleasure of meeting many people from all over the globe. It is incredible how animals in all sorts of shapes and forms are part of our gathering. Some are present during our call, and others are in a different location. Some souls have even passed over to another realm. The intriguing ones for myself are the ones that are missing in some way.

I have learned over the last decade that missing can mean so many different things. Looking at what it says in the dictionary:
missing (oxford dictionary)
1. (of a thing) not able to be found because it is not in its expected place: “a quantity of cash has gone missing” synonyms: lost, mislaid, misplaced, nowhere to be found, absent.

You can replace the word “thing” for animals or the word “money” for animals, and you can get the intention of where I am going with this for sure. Missing is something that starts with ourselves. Missing is an emotion, I should say, it is a personal collection of feelings.

A lost cat

In one of my circles, I connected with a cat. My client thought her cat had passed away, as she had gone missing. She shared her history with this fantastic animal. The two of them had incredible adventures together. They traveled, and they interacted very intensely during all the days spent together. A relationship that was real and authentic even though it was made up of two different species. The cat got pregnant one day, and the pregnancy went as expected, the cat went outside to give birth to her litter, but never came back home.

Filling in the blanks

It is at this point in the story story that they separated from one another, and they started to live their own lives. As we don’t have actual information or factual information, we begin to fill in the blanks ourselves. It is a human trait. My client’s cat didn’t come home, so what happened? It is so human for us to go and create our own story. It is also common for us to create a negative story. It is in our nature to do so. A negative story outcome or a positive story outcome is 50/50, as we don’t have any actual information about what happened. Still, we tend to choose the first option more often than the latter.

The grief and the emotions that came with this (created) story are genuine. The feelings that my client feels, such as failing her beloved friend are also real. They have become a natural part of her daily life. To the point that these emotions have also influenced her in decisions she’s made. Even in actions she took or didn’t take, all because of the story she created around her soul friend that didn’t come home. Our feelings are potent, and the way we experience them in our lives is also compelling. Maybe even more so, as we add these emotions to more and more events in our lives. The feelings get triggered by other activities and can show up very unannounced and create havoc on our lives.

The cat’s story

The beautiful thing with our animal communication circles is that there is so much love and space for everyone in the group. We hold authentic space for healing, sharing, and exploring for everything that is shared within the group. So I connected with the energy of her beloved cat. Her soul energy was still active here on our Earth plane, and she was healthy and happy. She shared her story with us:

“I went out to give birth to my kitten and wasn’t able to get them all home.” As she was tending to her little family another human came by and brought them all home. This new home gave her a safe place to get all her kittens to grow up and to leave the nest. But she was never able to find her dear friend. As the new family had used a car and the sense of going home got complicated for the cat.

Missing got complicated in the journey for my client and her dear cat. As yes, they were missing one another in daily life. The exciting thing is that her cat lived with the knowledge that her friend was okay. And my client, who had lived in a world where she had left her cat alone in her worst hour, now knew that she was safe and sound.

Contact me if you would like to bond with your beloved animals on a deeper level or join our monthly animal circles, where you can learn how to intuitively connect with your pets and peer into their incredible worlds.

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