Animal communication services

Sagittarius Way focuses on improving the well-being of humans and animals on a deeper level than the superficial display. Like the meaning behind the name Sagittarius – which is the strong connection between man and animal, I focus on communicating intuitively with your animals through pictures, words, energy, and feelings.


The healing system is safe and will never harm an animal. This gentle and non-intrusive therapy traces its modern origins to human patients in Japan.


During an Animal Communication Session, I communicate intuitively with the animal through pictures, words, feelings, and energy. 


Our animals can help us see ourselves from a different angle, so that we can make changes that benefit both humans and animals. In the program, you will learn how to connect with your animals.

Gift Voucher

Animal Communication Session Gift Vouchers offer a unique and meaningful way to connect with with your furry, feathered, or finned companions on a deeper level.

As an animal communicator and soul coach, I normally conduct an Animal Communication Session over the phone or through Zoom, and you also send me a picture of your animal via email prior to our session.

During our session together, I check in with your animal to find out what exactly is going on, how they are feeling and what they want you to know. I then answer any of your questions that you have for them or about them.

By the end our session together, your questions will be answered, you will receive needed solutions, you will feel a deeper connection, and both you and your animal will feel a shift into peace and clarity.

I also provide a variety of energy healing techniques that I specialize in that assist both animal and human through physical, emotional, and behavioral challenges. These techniques include equine massage, equine light therapy, Reiki, and one on one panic room sessions. All of these sessions can either be conducted remotely and offer amazing results.