How does animal communication work?

It can be difficult understanding the needs of animals as there is no direct way of communication. Imagine the frustration of trying to communicate with someone over simple matters but not having the means. This is why an animal communicator can be so helpful in understanding our pets. It’s not just about asking in the right way but also about understanding what the animal is saying in return.

What is animal communication

What is the difference between talking and signalling to your animal, and communicating with them? When we talk to our animals or signal to them there is often miscommunication. Animals understand communication in a different way. There are many ways for animals to communicate with one another but these are often imperceptible to us.

Animals have an intuitive understanding of what we want from them, but it is often not clear. 

Animal communication is an approach that can give us a much clearer understanding of the animals needs. It is a process of communicating intuitively through pictures, words, feelings and energy. It bridges the gap of the unspoken things between animal and carer.

How it works

Typically this work is conducted remotely. The animal does not need to be in the physical presence of the communicator. I will start by asking the animal’s permission first. It is important to build trust to communicate effectively.

I will clearly visualise the question and direct it at the animal by visualising their name and a mental of the animal themself. During the session I establish how they are feeling and what they want you to know. I then answer any questions you have for them or about them.The animal will answer the question by responding in kind. Communicating intuitively through pictures, words, feelings and energy.

A skilled communicator is able to understand and intuit what the animal wishes to communicate. 

Why it’s important

There can be miscommunication between animal and human. An animal’s needs may be different from ours and it can be hard to understand what they need. Sometimes an animal needs something simple but cannot communicate directly. 

Fear or anxiety is often the cause of an animal acting out. This can lead to continued negative behaviour. Letting our animals know that we care and are there for them can alleviate these worries.

Sometimes there are no problems at all but connection and communication can be improved. We love our animals, and them us, and communicating this clearly can strengthen that bond.

Don’t let poor communication or a lack of communication lead to problems. Communicate clearly with your animal to strengthen your bond and ensure their happiness. Let me help to bring you and your animal together with an animal communication session. Book your slot now.

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