Guided Otter Meditation: Let Your Inner Child Guide Your Transformation

It can be easy to lose touch with the playfulness and joy of our inner child. If play is missing in your life it may be time to seek guidance from the otter. Join me, if you will, in this guided otter meditation.

The otter is playful and mischievous. They are a symbol of good luck, loyalty, and affection. Meditating on the otter offers the chance to open up your inner child connection. Otters are also affectionate and love physical touch. This invites us to open up to physical touch and reach out to the community as a healer. This meditation is an ideal way to discover and connect with playfulness, creativity, and fun. Open up to joy and wonder and let your Inner Child Guide Your Transformation. 

Find a comfortable space to enjoy this transformative meditation. It only takes a moment. Discover the world anew through the otter. If you enjoy this meditation consider viewing my events for more wonderful transformative experiences.

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