Traumatised animal session

Traumatised animal

If an animal has suffered trauma, it will often have behavioral patterns you can look out for. Dealing with trauma in animals is not so different from dealing with human trauma. You must first identify the cause, and then work through it. Often, you will have to make a compromise with them and adjust your behavior to make sure your animal is comfortable.

My own dog, Bella, came to us from a house with young children, with a lot of noise and chaos, and she would sleep in a cupboard to feel safe. After a few years with us she’s gotten more and more comfortable, but if it gets too loud – she leaves, and if we want her to sit with us, we have to be quieter to make her feel safe. That’s just an example of a compromise that helps your animal deal with its past experiences. In a Traumatized Animal session, I will connect and communicate with your animal intuitively, and help to find the root of their trauma. I will interpret and listen to what they need to say, share it with you, and offer help and solutions to the best of my abilities. If you think or know your animal is affected by past trauma, you can book a session below.