About Renée Vos de Wael, animal communicator

Renée Vos de Wael is a highly skilled animal communicator and the founder of Sagittarius Way, a platform dedicated to supporting animal owners in fostering more profound connections with their beloved pets. Renée has spent years honing her skills as an animal communicator. She has helped countless individuals and families connect with their pets more deeply.

Renée’s unique approach to animal communication involves using her intuition and psychic abilities to tune into the energy and emotions of animals, allowing her to understand their needs and desires. Through her work, Renée has helped pet owners address various issues, from behavioural problems to emotional trauma. She has helped to foster greater understanding and empathy between humans and animals.

Overall, Renée Vos de Wael is a passionate and dedicated animal communicator who has made it her life’s work to help animals and their owners live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Her unique approach to animal communication and her deep empathy and compassion for animals make her a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with their pets.

The healing power of your animal is a concept that refers to the therapeutic benefits that animals can bring into people’s lives. Animals have been known to have a calming effect on people, reducing stress and anxiety levels. They can also provide comfort and support during difficult times, such as grief or illness.

The idea behind the healing power of your animal is that the bond between a human and an animal can be mutually beneficial. The animal provides companionship, love, and a non-judgmental presence, while the human provides care, attention, and a sense of purpose. This bond can be powerful when the animal is a pet, but it can also occur with other animals, such as wildlife or farm animals.

The healing power of your animal can manifest in various forms, including animal-assisted therapy, equine therapy, and wildlife rehabilitation. In animal-assisted therapy, a trained therapist uses an animal to help individuals with various mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Equine therapy involves working with horses to develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Wildlife rehabilitation focuses on the care and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned wildlife.

In general, The healing power of your animal is a powerful concept that recognizes the deep emotional and physical connections between humans and animals. By acknowledging and cultivating these connections, people can tap into the therapeutic benefits that animals can bring into their lives, promoting healing and overall well-being.

What makes the Sagittarius Way unique?

Sagittarius Way deals with the well-being of humans and animals on a deeper level. My main focus is problem-solving for both humans and animals for better cohabitation.

Brand Values

I believe that in order for humans and their pet animals to sustain a healthy relationship with each other, they must be able to form a connection of understanding so they can cohabitate in the same space. I believe the connection between humans, nature, and the environment that surrounds us makes for a better world to live in.

Why Sagittarius Way?

Unlike your conventional veterinarians or vet shops, Sagittarius Way is more involved in understanding way past the physical well-being of your pet and takes a deeper dive into the mindset of both the owner and the pet for better resolution. I use a combination of accredited aroma therapy, Equestrian massage, Pilates, and professional intuitive coaching skills and techniques that I have mastered throughout the years to make this connection and give guidance to improve the relationship or situation.

If you are looking to form a deeper relationship with your pet and want to be a part of the Sagittarius Way of life, contact me and I’ll be happy to set up a meeting with both you and your pet.

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