which animal conveys your wild soul ? Sagittarius way

The North American zodiac animals are an indication of the energy that you are born under.

I have traveled my whole adult life. The travel and moving around the globe is something that I have loved and hated at the same time. I am a real homebody, I love being in my own space, and at the same time, I love to learn from others and add my learning to my home. It is complicated, as life is.

Being in different cultures has shown me that we have so many different interpretations and overlaps at the same time. The other day I was thinking about the zodiac. I know there are some well-known ones: the western one and the Chinese one. You can find a lot about them. Having lived in these parts of the world, I loved reading, learning, and experiencing them while being in those parts of the world. It made sense to me, stepping into the energy and roots in that part of the world.
But now I am in North America. Of course, the Western one is where my roots are from, as being born and raised in the Netherlands. But energetically, it doesn’t make sense to me — the wind, water, earth, and fire elements work differently here than it did living in Asia and Europe. It is fascinating how things work individually and make so much sense —even being foreign to the natural way of doing things. Being sensitive to the energies is something most of us are, understanding of what is going on is something we need to take care of ourselves.

Diving into this new world here in North America, I noticed that I was looking for guidance in a structure that made sense to me. Like the calendar, I grew up learning about the zodiac. Looking for familiarities, I realized that this is not the case here. As in Asia, they interpret the cycle of the moon and the sun differently. Native Americans have a fantastic knowledge of the moon and stars. Their interpretation of the guidance of wind, earth, sky, fire, and water is so precise that it is pure science. The stunning talent to look beyond the knowledge and the history to assume things are always in a certain way. They use past experiences as a guideline to build upon what is going to happen today.

Today I like to offer you the zodiac molded into a Western package. Just to invite you to these animals that guide us, humans, on this side of the world. We’ll keep diving into this subject in different blogs this year, as I don’t want to skip over important details. The importance of these energies and nature wisdom is so supportive. It has been evident that we are all swimming against the current of the water – wind – earth – fire.
The zodiac animals are an indication. The energy that you are born under at that time of the year. Like me, I am born in the sign of Sagittarius in the Netherlands. This information gives a piece of general information about me. But a person that is born in the south of Italy under the same sign, the same date may have different additions to her zodiac sign.


January 20 to February 18
Otters are considered unorthodox. They have an unusual way of looking at things but often have quick minds and intelligence. “Quirky” is a fine term to describe otters. But they can be great friends because they are perceptive. They can be sensitive, courageous, and honest. However, otters can also be lewd, rebellious, and sneaky.


February 19 to March 20
The wolf is fiercely independent, passionate, and emotional. Wolves can be generous, deeply loving, and gentle, but they also have a strong need for freedom and being alone. Wolves can be impractical, obsessive, and vindictive.


March 21 to April 19
Falcons are natural-born leaders, never wasting their time, taking action when needed. A bit self-centered and arrogant at times, they are usually correct in their opinions. Falcons can be passionate and intense but also vain, intolerant, and overly sensitive to criticism.


April 20 to May 20
Beavers get the job done, efficiently, and with self-confidence. The beaver is all business, sometimes too much, but their mental abilities are created for work. Beavers are usually right, but sometimes they lack tact and diplomacy in their dealings with others. With the correct influence, beavers are compassionate, loyal, and helpful. Unfortunately, they can also be arrogant, over-demanding, and possessive.


May 21 to June 20
The deer is lively and witty, able to get anyone to laugh. Deer love to talk and are great at it, having sparkly personalities. However, they tend to focus too much on themselves. With the right influence, deer can be an inspiring force. They can also be selfish, moody, impatient, and lazy.


June 21 to July 21
Woodpeckers are incredibly empathic and great listeners, who are perfect to have on your side as friends or soulmates. Usually, the most nurturing of all the Native American animal symbols, they also make great parents. Woodpeckers are caring, devoted, and romantic. On the downside, woodpeckers can also be possessive, angry, and jealous.


July 22 to August 21
Full of energy, salmon are natural motivators, confident, and enthusiastic. They have plenty of friends who are attracted to their intelligence and intuition. Positive aspects of the salmon include stability and calmness but with powerful energy. However, salmon can also be egotistical, rude, and intolerant.


August 22 to September 21
The bear is usually the voice of reason, the person to call on when you need someone with a level head. Very practical, patient, and tolerant, bears make great business partners or teachers and mentors. In a positive light, bears, are modest and generous. But with negative influence, bears can be skeptical, lazy, and shy to the point of being reclusive.


September 22 to October 22
Ravens are highly enthusiastic, naturally charming, with natural energy. They make great entrepreneurs, and they are ingenious and idealistic. They can be patient, easy-going, and intuitive. However, ravens can also be inconsistent, harsh, and demanding.


October 23 to November 22
Snakes make great spiritual leaders because they feel comfortable in the matters of the spirit. They also have exceptional healing abilities and a desire to explore mysterious ideas that some may find dark. Snakes can be passionate, funny, helpful, and inspiring. But they can also become secretive, depressed, and preoccupied.


November 23 to December 21
The owl does life at full speed and is a lover of adventure and a friend to the world. Owls are great artists and teachers, but also so versatile that they can excel in almost anything they do. Sometimes they can be reckless, but that just adds to the adventure. Owls can be sensitive, enthusiastic, and attentive, but that can also turn to overindulgence, dangerous risk-taking, and bitterness.


December 22 to January 19
The goose is ambitious, driven, and always gets the job done. Geese are determined to succeed at all costs, which makes them excel in business or sports, among other endeavors. These characteristics also make for a passionate person who is funny and deeply driven to be with and help others. However, this can also turn to obsessive behavior and the ignoring of loved ones to get the job done.

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