a animal quote from a kangaroo. Sagittarius way.

Mental freedom is a choice

“A prison is merely a perception. I am as free as I want to be here as anywhere else. To make the choice to be in a prison is mine to make only, not yours.”
– Kangaroo in the zoo (Singapore).


Your #environment can either build you up or break you down. I had the pleasure of chatting with a kangaroo at the zoo in Singapore. Let me be honest with you; I went with the opinion that these animals and therefore thought all animals must be unfortunate to be locked up. My goodness, I certainly got set straight by this amazing kangaroo.

We got chatting about the beautiful ground he was moving around in and likewise the food he was getting. He was pleased to be there and to hang around with his mates. So I thought I have to ask him about his feelings living in a zoo his whole life. He said he loved it because he felt very stress-free. To make sure I clearly understood this, as if it didn’t feel like a prison. He was surprised I even asked, no this is a fantastic place to be. We all get taken care of and loved by amazing humans, and the people who visit us are exciting and are kind. He loved the kids dropping by and saying things to the kangaroos. Well, lesson learned for me! 

My take away in short.

I am always amazed by the lessons I learn talking with animals. They have a completely different view of our world—the things we take for granted, likewise the way we assume feelings for others. By filling in the gaps, us humans build our relationships on assumptions and forgetting the foremost essential things. To check-in or ask questions about how the other individual is feeling.

Let’s connect; above all I happily answer your questions.

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