Heartfelt connection with Nena, the rescue dog, sharing touching moments and fostering a special bond

A touching heart to heart with Nena the rescue dog

Working with rescue animals is always special, so I felt very grateful to be invited to the RSCPA in Canmore. We all have our big dreams with the work we do or our hobbies, and sometimes they even feel enormous.

For me, it was helping animals to tell their story to us humans, and to help us as humans in incredible ways. Being a human is not always as easy as it seems. Rescue animals have a special way of helping us understand that it is not okay with what some of our fellow humans do. Sadly, a lot of the times they have first-hand experience and those stories aren’t pretty to share. To be honest, a lot of the rescue animals have so much wisdom. They share with us, and this makes it an enormous pleasure to connect with them. You probably think, “Hey, Renee is this blog about you or about Nena?”

So, let’s get going because it is all about Nena!

Nena is not totally sure about us humans, she knows that some of us mean well, but it’s the ones that don’t really mean well that she likes to stay away from. She is an amazing soul. When I came into her space, the first thing she did was walk out of that space. So, I took my time to sit down and wait until she was ready to connect. That took a little bit of time. As you can imagine, a total stranger just walked into her home. I introduced myself and we got chitchatting. Nena wanted to figure out who I was, and if what I was saying made sense with the energy that I was also sharing in the room.

She doesn’t like to be in a big group, not with other dogs and not with other humans. She is extremely good at reading people; she knows what likes to be said and how authentic it actually is. She really understands what people are saying. It does come across as skittish, but it is also her trying to translate what is going on. It is a very interesting process to see.

She was very clear to me about meeting other human beings, she said they are very often in a hurry. In a previous place, she thought was home, she constantly had the feeling that she was disappointing others. It takes her longer to be authentically happy or enthusiastic. She doesn’t like to play the good girl. If she is a good girl, she really means it. She shared with me, that she finds it exceptionally difficult figuring out kids, as they flip flop in their emotions so much. The interesting thing is, though, that Nena shared, are that older human beings think that this is very normal, they even actively encourage this behavior. She finds it very interesting to watch. Especially because the expectation of dogs is that they obey.

She wondered why it’s so different with children.

Nena has an amazing gift of reading us humans, as I said before. So, I asked her a little bit more about it. She told me that it is very important to her that the energy and the action line up. It is the only way she likes to connect with other people. She was adamant about that fact. All the learning that she needs to do and the expectation that humans have with their dogs. She felt that expecting the same back from us humans was a fair request. Why should you not be who you are? Do what you say you would do. It makes life so much easier.

Talking to Nena was an incredible experience. I learned so much from this deep and shy creature. Having her open up to me was a privilege. This gorgeous girl needs a family who will truly love her for who she is. If you think that Nena would make a lifelong addition to your family, head on over to the Bow Valley SPCA to meet this special dog. She deserves the love that she can give back with time and patience.


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