learn from your animals, Sagittarius way.

Sagittarius Way is hosting an Animal Circle Webinar

Imagine if you knew what your pets were trying to tell you? Wouldn’t that be incredible?! So many people yearn to communicate with their animals or have their animals communicate with them. Did you know that our animals can coach us and show us how they are our mirrors?

I am so excited to announce that Sagittarius Way will now be hosting a live webinar for this very purpose. Allow your animals to coach you with my Animal Circle Webinar. You will be able to ask questions throughout.

What is the webinar about?

First, I will teach you how to build a baseline. Every animal has its own specialty and offers different strengths according to their type. This Animal Circle will teach animals and humans how to co-exist without a form of ownership. You will learn so much from your pets, as well as from nature. This is a perfect opportunity to allow your animal to coach you. You will have the opportunity to learn in a relaxed environment, at home with your pets. I will also answer any questions that you might have. You will be taught how to relax and be open to the messages that your animals are sending you. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can still join in on the webinar, and find a message from a specific animal.

The first few webinars will be about animals that are easily accessible, such as cats and dogs. I will teach you how to let your animal guide and coach you. You will learn self-awareness through your pets; our animals help us to grow and learn. If you don’t have an animal, I will bring in one of my animals for you to interact with in a fun and practical way.

Who should attend Sagittarius Way’s Animal Circle and why?

If you love your animals and want to learn what they are telling you, then you should definitely attend my Webinar. This is for those who have always dreamed of hearing what their animals have to tell them. My webinar will allow you to build a lasting and loving bond with your pets.

An example a friend of mine experienced with her animal as a coach.

This is a wonderful example of an animal coaching a human. A friend of mine had a cat who would, every morning, find her hands from under the duvet, and tap her hands with her paws. This incredible animal would also try to cuddle her human for attention. Funnily enough, her son, Victor, would also cuddle her for attention at the end of the day. This was to try and make up for the physical affection that my friend lost during her busy day. My friend is a very busy businesswoman, and her animal noticed that she needed this affection, which she was lacking in her day. This also implies that my friend was spreading herself too thin, and her cat was trying to tell her to slow down and balance out her attention towards things that she wants to do. They were also showing her that she needs to be present.

Your animal can show you where changes need to be made and this will make a big impact on your life.

This is one example of how our animals can coach us. They are our mirrors and can show us what we truly need in order to grow and be happy.

This is an awesome opportunity!

I will be offering one on one coaching, and this is really a wonderful opportunity to learn from your animals. The first 12 people who reply to me in the form below will receive a reply with the times of my webinar. Allow your animals to guide you and show you where you need to grow. What do your animals want to teach you? Join me, as an animal communicator, in our Animal Circle, and unpack how we can start to see the messages that our animals are trying to tell us.

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