how do you connect with the animal kingdom. Sagittarius way.

Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with yourself and the animals around you

The natural world is always striving to be in complete balance, as all things should be. This equilibrium isn’t just important for nature outside, but also within you. When you are able to connect with yourself, you are able to connect with those around you more. The energy you put into the world is felt by everything and everyone you interact with, especially animals. Animals have an innate ability to pick up on this energy to a great degree and we should always remember this when interacting with them.

One of the great ways of finding that balance within one’s self is meditation. Meditation comes in many forms over thousands of years and has just as many uses. You can have quiet meditation, guided meditation, and even have a focal sound or music to help you find that freedom you are looking for. Meditation can also be shared to find a common connection and communicate on a deeply spiritual manner. We can even share meditation with the animals we live or work with to communicate with each other and find a common understanding and balance.

Technology arrived and we lost some of that connection, but technology also has some helpful tools for us to use. You don’t need to go somewhere and join a meditation class. Now there are applications where people from around the world share their meditations with everybody else. These people can be doctors, gurus, or even somebody who wants to share their meditation and journey with you. One of these apps is Insight Timer, which has thousands of meditations for you to listen to and join.

I recently joined Insight Timer to share my own guided meditations with you. My love of the animal kingdom has given me the gift of communicating with animals on a deeper level and it can be as simple as talking to them. I have created a 10 minute guided meditation called Animal Communication: Hear the message for you. It will guide you along the journey of creating a deeper bond with any animal you choose. You will find that you start understanding not only the animal, but yourself during this process. If you have ever wondered what your pets are thinking, this guided meditation will help you create that open line of communication.

Insight Timer is curated by over 350 of the best meditation teachers, has over 150 full courses and more than 15,000 downloadable tracks to follow. It is free to use but there is also a subscription which allows for more features and access. You can view my free meditation here. You can also download the Insight timer Android app or the iStore app.

The world can be a very superficial place and meditation is a wonderful way of finding a balance between the physical and spiritual connection we have with ourselves as well as the animals we love. You can also visit the Sagittarius Way website and find out much more about Sagittarius Way and what I can do for you and your animals on our services page.

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