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Support the only No Kill shelter in Canada.

Did you know that 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed yearly in shelters due to no space? This is a sad and shocking reality for many animals who have been cast out and left alone. Sadly, many of these beautiful creatures don’t get a second chance.

Bow Valley SPCA

But luckily, there are some shelters out there who, no matter what, are there for these wonderful animals. These special humans offer our animal companions a second chance at having a happy life. Where they can be loved and appreciated. One of these incredible shelters is Bow Valley SPCA. This is the only no kill shelter in Canada. They also believe in a no-cage philosophy for shelters. Animals are in rooms, rather than in cages, which reduces the stress that many animals feel. They are also a non-profit organization. Animals are cared for and rehomed, and euthanasia is only considered as a last resort for terminally ill animals, or for those who are in intense pain.

Their Mission

Bow Valley SPCA’s mission is for their animals to get adopted and be loved. They want all of their animals to get a second chance at belonging to a loving family. They also encourage a humane attitude towards all animals and offer community programs that teach people how to be responsible with their pets. These educational programs are of utmost importance in educating people, so that less animals will be abandoned. They save all animals regardless of their age or disability. If an animal can be treated in any way, they will help these wonderful creatures.

What can you do to help?

If this blog has touched your heart, in the same way that Bow Valley SPCA has touched mine, then I urge you to help this wonderful cause. How can you help?

There are various ways in which you can help Bow Valley SPCA. Firstly, and most importantly, when you get a new puppy or kitten, remember that they become family, and they stay with you for life. If you view your pets as part of your family, then less people will abandon their animals.

Secondly, you can offer donations or volunteer at the shelter. If you would like to become a volunteer at the shelter you will need to be 18 years or older and fill out an online application form. As a volunteer you could be asked to walk the dogs, cuddle and care for the cats, help with general maintenance of the grounds, or even get involved in educational programs. Donations are also always welcome, if you would like to donate towards this cause, please follow the link: (https://www.bowvalleyspca.org/donate/invest-their-future/).

Lastly you can adopt a furry friend. Nothing is better than giving an animal a second chance at happiness. Showing love, kindness, and empathy for an animal is a wonderful way to help Bow Valley SPCA. Adopt a new member for your family, and feel your heart expand with happiness.

We need to stick together as animal lovers and help those who need it. These animals come from some really bad backgrounds and situations. All they want is love and a family. So many animals are abused and discarded yearly. If we don’t help and make the change, then our furry friends won’t stand a chance. Do the right thing, support Bow Valley SPCA and change a life.

or if you would like to hear some more or see what we do at Sagittarius Way view out about page .

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