Guided meditation – Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

Connecting with a dog’s energy can have several benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, increasing feelings of happiness and comfort, and promoting physical and emotional well-being. Spending time with dogs and connecting with their vibrant energy can also help improve mood and boost self-esteem. Additionally, dogs have a non-judgmental and unconditional love, which can make people feel accepted and appreciated.

In this meditation, we will connect with Opie, a magical dog. This beautiful dog does not stop giving love and attention unconditionally. He thinks we need to communicate with him. Let’s start by taking a deep breath. And breathe out.

Opie is asking you to really, really stretch yourself until there is tight tightness. And then just let it go, take a breath in and out. He also invites us to really take a breath in and smell.

All the fantastic smells that we have with us. So, take a breath in and breathe out. And just notice what’s on the menu for you. Today of smells. To join Opie on a little journey, and he’s inviting you with your eyes closed. Just walk into the room that is the most comfortable for you. And it could be in your home or the house where you spend your weekends; just walk into that space.
You are safe. And you can just let everything relax. Take an intense breath into that. And out and feel how your shoulders are Disappearing away from your ears. And then find that spot in your mind’s eye.

Opie is proud to be part of that space with you because he says finding a home and a safe place is where you can truly shine with love and respect for others. But most importantly, You can be respectful and full of love for yourself because she gives you permission to be who you are in this place. So, really take a breath into that And out good. So why are you sitting in this beautiful place? You feel this beautiful dog’s energy being next to you.

He’s found his place curled up to you, and he gives checking into you sometimes, like, hey, how you doing? And just every time he does, you can feel the support and their safety, and he knows that you love connecting with some people. So sometimes it’s not enough people who are still here in this world, sometimes it’s people you connect with, and in a story, in a book that you read occasionally, it’s just words you pick up out of a magazine And why are you sitting there? Opie says, you know, in a few moments, they will be a knock on the door, and someone will be walking in, and he wants you to be ready for it because it’s going to be an amazing person. Who has just wanted to be your space. So take a deep breath into that. And breathe out and know that you are well supported. And then you can hear this knock. And this person is energy walks into the door.

Feel how your body is excited that this person has this energy; it is incredible. Experience is coming into your favourite place. So really feel into that and what it’s doing to your body. Can you feel excitement, relaxation, and happiness, all these beautiful energies on the menu? Just really feel into it and feel how you are smiling.
Ask the question that you’ve always wanted to know.

When you feel that you’re complete with this conversation, getting the answer to your question, just take a breath in and let this sink into your body because this is something good. This is something you need to hear. It will help you grow, and then the two of you, you get up and give each other a big hug. Love and this person. Say goodbye am grateful to have the opportunity to connect with you and to exchange. And these girls just going to leave the room. You can look at Opie and put your hand on his head, and he comes forward, and he has to give you a big click on your cheek. He is so happy that you’re here. Just take a moment with this beautiful dog, say hi and tell you everything will be okay.

You can come back anytime to connect with Opie and enjoy the wisdom he loves to share with you.

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