Speaking your dogs love - The presentation of the different language - Discover your dogs love language

Be intentional about speaking your dog’s love language

How we give love is an intentional expression, but how we receive love is just as important. The same is true for fur friends. Having the ability to love our dogs the way they need us to is crucial to their well-being. Join the Sagittarius Way love languages webinar to learn how to love your dog a lot better.

All relationships require a give and take – it is no different for your dog. Love requires communication and intention. Sometimes our intentions are pure, but we struggle to communicate effectively, which can cause strain on your relationship with your pet. Make it a priority to acquire the tools to love them right.

Signup to discover your dog’s love languages webinar to be on your way to speaking your dog’s love language.

Date: 14 February 2022

Time: 12:00 p.m (Mountain Time)

Where: Zoom

Get in touch with us to see how to can assist you with your animal directly.

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