Discover Reiki's holistic benefits for horses: physical, emotional, and mental healing

Reiki, the healing tool that can benefit horses physically, emotionally & mentally

How is Reiki a powerful physical, emotional, and mental healing tool for horses? Reiki helps speed the horse’s healing from illness or injury, to help maintain emotional health. Easing behavioral problems and transition between life and death.

Reiki, descended from the teachings of Japanese Mikao Usui, is a “Universal Life Energy”. During this holistic energy healing system, the practitioner uses the hands to channel healing energy. Which is transferred into the horse’s body and absorbed where it’s required. This practice cannot harm because there’s no pressure or physical manipulation. The creation and support of an energetic balance that can work independently or in a beautiful partnership with other therapies and treatments.

Let your horse do the choosing.

Horses are intrinsically sensitive and energetic beings. Which lends itself to their inherent understanding of this ancient treatment. Once you have attuned to one another’s frequencies, the horse will consider Reiki most beneficial.

Once the horse shows signs of relaxation, the channel opens to receiving the treatment. This will have ideal results for any health or behavioral issues the horse faces.

Physical issues addressed by Reiki

After receiving Reiki treatments, the benefits have been noted. Research from case studies shows that it can help oxygenate the blood, reduce inflammation, expedite healing and recovery, and improve overall health.

There are many physical benefits to gain from Reiki healing. Conditions such as sweet itch, laminitis, allergic reactions to biting and stinging insects, tendon and ligament injuries, stiffness, swelling, loss of appetite, colic, recovery from surgery, and preparing for and recovering from competitions.

Reiki stimulates horses emotional and mental well being

When using Reiki to work with horses, profound changes occur in the horse’s temperament and overall mood. Did you know that horses who refuse to run during races can become champion winners? A Horse that kicks the walls has changed into veritable kittens. Intriguing right? Horses who have suffered mistreatment or bereavement and loss, and those who act out from separation anxiety or display behavioral problems such as box walking or spooking, have made remarkable turnarounds. The emotional strain from moving yards can be alleviated, performance is improved, and even the bond between horse and owner changes and strengthens.

Every sentient being required an energetic connection, a spiritual bond, shared with other sentient beings. Horses especially appreciate connecting with humans energetically, and Reiki is a profound way to deepen the bond between our species. Contact me to learn more about how I can help both you and your horse.

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