Keeping animals safe and cool in high temperatures

During the summer months temperatures begin to rise which can only mean one thing, more time spent outside. Sagittarius Way, the one stop place for animal healing. Just as I need protection from the harsh rays of the sun, so do my beloved animals. 

Basic summer safety

Don’t leave pets in a parked car. When the sun is out and the heat is rising, temperatures tend to rise a bit more in a car, whether or not a window is left open. As much as I enjoy long walks with the dogs, it’s best to limit exercise on a hot day to early mornings or later in the evenings. It’s a lot cooler and the pavement is less likely to burn their paws. 

Other ways to keep them safe is to provide plenty of shade and water. Watch for signs of heat stroke, which include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, and keep them inside if you can. Give them ice to chew on as a snack, and  consult a veterinarian if it would benefit the animals to have a warm-weather haircut or sunscreen.

Safety for horses through a heatwave

I like to keep my pets comfortable in a heatwave, because if it’s hot outside for me, it’s even hotter for them. When it comes to my horses specifically, I provide turnout during the cooler hours and have them go outside during that time as well. Leaving their water source unattended can get stagnant and unhealthy. Enticing them with a salt block can work, if not, water with electrolytes works too. Clipping horses with longer hair coats and providing a shaded area to protect them from sunburn is important. This is especially true for white horses. 

For more tips, here is a to-do list for animals in a heat wave. 

As an animal lover and someone who works with animals, I have a responsibility to keep them safe and protected. Get in touch with me for more tips on how to care for animals in a way that’s best for them.

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