Horses: Connect, reveal, grow. Equine therapy unlocks self-awareness and personal understanding

What Horses Teach Us

Horses are sensorial creatures who have the unique ability to connect with humans and help us understand ourselves better. They respond to both positive and negative changes in our behaviour and language. Equine therapy has become widely used by therapists because of its many benefits. Can horses really teach us to become better human beings? Find out more about what can be learnt from spending time around our equine friends.

Horses and human connection

Horses running free in an open meadow fill us with awe and pride when gazing at these majestic creatures. However, there is so much more to them than just their striking appearance. They are known to understand and deeply connect with humans which can assist us in our development on many levels. The human-horse connection can help us master non-verbal communication, learn to set boundaries, develop emotional intelligence, and build self-confidence.  

There are so many things we can learn from horses apart from riding. They are magnificent creatures who know how to understand feelings and emotions. Delve deeper into the symbiotic.

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