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My friend and client, Pauline, shared a wonderful blog about our animal communication session below. Here is where you can read her original post.

It’s funny how some people are real animal lovers and some are truly not. I am one of those who is not fond of animals. My daughter, however, is the greatest animal lover there is and that’s why I am not surprised that she wanted a dog. Since I can’t give her siblings, we chose to get her a dog 2.5 years ago when we were living in China.

Charlie entered the scene of our family and honestly, I have no idea how we felt complete without him.  Charlie was found in the summer behind a trash can in Beijing.  We took him with us to the UK when we moved 1.5 years ago.

Charlie is truly the best dog in Fleet; he has always listened to me even though we did not really train him.  He is fine even without a leash; he doesn’t snatch food and seems to truly understand what we are saying.  I have always wondered what he feels and thinks about things. Is he truly happy to be with us or does he simply have Stockholm syndrome?

Here is when Renee enters the story; I have known Renee for more than 12 years. We met in Houston, Texas, where I babysat her kids. Renee was my first real conscious expat friendship and Facebook helped us stay in contact over the years.  Renee specializes in animal healing, not only the physical kind but it also requires treatment of the mind. Now I hear you thinking, “What does this all mean?”

“Sagittarius Way is a code I live by to help distressed animals make a full recovery from any physical or mental damage they incur, so they can have the relief that we have to live a balanced life.”


I have learned a lot this year and one of these things is that you can’t heal your body if you don’t heal your mind. This is true for humans but also for animals. This year has taught me that our family can be open to new forms of healing and communicating. Renee believes that connecting humans, nature, and the environment makes the world a better place for us to live in. If there is one thing that is true this year, then that’s it.  Our whole family feels a deep connection with Charlie and people around us can’t get enough of him.  I was curious to what Renee exactly does with her work and if Charlie had something to tell us.

We connected with Renee trough Zoom (or the only way to connect these days) but it actually felt like she was very close to us, even though Renee resides in Canada. She asked beforehand the date of birth and birthplace, name, and pictures of our beloved dog.

Renee is very intuitive and reads a room very well, even though it might just be a Zoom room. I really wanted to know how much Charlie feels of my physical, medical, and mental health problems. My seven-year-old daughter was much excited to speak with Charlie and had her questions ready.  Laila wanted to know if he likes his food and what his favorite color is.

The biggest revelation for me was that Charlie knows that I change his food; he told Renee that I buy bags and empty them in a big container. He absolutely does not like his food and does not like that I change it. Now, this was some very specific information that Renee had no knowledge of! This was when I knew that the conversation we were having was serious.

Charlie was very confused when we moved from China to the UK; he stayed with my mother for three weeks before we could take him home and he thought we had left him. He was happy but very confused. This feels very true to me as our whole family was very confused, moving a whole family and dog from China was not a small feat.

Charlie is happiest when we are all together and listens to me because he knows he can make me happy, Charlie sounds like the perfect husband and many times I see resemblance between them. They are both calm and making other people happy is on the top of their lists.

“I am passionate about dealing with problem-solving between humans and animals.”


Charlie knows when I am feeling unwell, he follows me around the house. Renee confirmed this for me; Charlie knows. This dog is special and I knew it. Renee just gave me the information to understand that I was right. I know when the time is right to make another expat move, I will ask Renee to help us give Charlie a bit more relaxed move. And we will feed him more Chinese food, it seems that he was secretly fed in China by our ayi (househelp) and he misses these snacks from his home country.

“I am sure lots of people have wanted to connect with their animals, but the cost can be an issue. I want to give these people an opportunity to use my services as well.”


Renee has been a mentor and a spiritual guide to me from afar, as an expat wife myself I look up to her in many ways. Knowing how she carved out her own career and passions and what kind of mother she is has influenced me. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her and her animals.


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