Duck our emotional comfort and protection

Ducks are the most common waterfowl. Because of their water connection, ducks are linked to feminine energies, the astral plane, and human emotions. Water is necessary for all life on earth; nothing can live without it. Ducks can remind us to drink life’s waters and nurture our emotional natures.

‌All breeds of ducks swim. Some can dive as deep as 100 feet. Others eat by dipping under the water, reminding us we can find sustenance in our emotions. All ducks live near or on the water except the wood duck. Wood ducks are unique among all ducks in that they can climb trees and actually live in them. As with all ducks, they can help us connect with the archetypal energies that can help us develop a greater sense of emotional comfort and protection. On land, they do not move as well. For those with a duck as a totem, it may reflect an inability to feel comfortable with most people in your life. It may reflect a need to find comfort in your own element and with those of life, mind, and spirit. Ducks can remind us that we are going to have such an opportunity.

‌Ducks have played essential roles in other countries and cultures, and this may reflect past-life connections. The Egyptians were the first to domesticate decks. The Chinese pioneered the art of duck raising. These are but two simple examples that could be explored.

‌The duck’s colours can help you determine precisely its role in your life. Most ducks are a variety of colours, ranging from white to the rich blue-green iridescence of mallard and wood ducks. The mallard is one of the most prolific ducks. It is probably good that it is so because it is also one of the most widely hunted. They can be very amiable and display a wide variety of emotions. They are also easily imprinted. They have a remarkable ability to show affection and are very community-oriented. They like having others around. They will also return to wherever they feel safe and comfortable. Ducks can sometimes remind us to return to those parts of ourselves or those activities we feel safe and comfortable in.

‌During the summer, most male mallards experience an “eclipse” phase, a period in which they are flightless. During this time, they wear the drab plumage of the female for extra protection in rearing the young. Even the young take to the water quickly, which reminds us not to close off our emotional sides. We should be as willing to explore our emotions as any other aspect of our lives.

‌The wood duck is also a coloured wild duck. It has an iridescence to its feathers that reflects a kind of spirituality that will open up to you as you come into your own element. Wood ducks all perch in trees to some extent, and they have toes on the webbed feet to help them climb—the wood duck nests in hollow branches and large woodpecker-type holes above and away from the water.

‌How the young get out of the nest and into the water is difficult, although it is generally accepted that ducklings can jump down from the trees alone. Wood ducks typically have many intriguing habits – more than can be covered in this short blog. As you study them, you will find ways to apply their habits to your life.

‌All ducks have grace upon water; as a totem, they can help you handle your emotions with more extraordinary grace and comfort. They serve to teach you how to manoeuvre through various water of life.

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