Be in tune with the power of the horse.

Working with meditation is a powerful tool. Horses love it when we calm down and get out of our minds and into our bodies, as this is the level where the horse likes to connect (of course this is where all animals and nature like to connect with us).

Horses are always one with the energy around them, which is how they can be one with the environment they live in. I will keep the pdf short, but if you would like to be a part of a meditation and the connection with your horses, subscribe and click on the free download.

This meditation can be used in two ways:

Use this meditation from the comfort of your home.

  • Find a place to sit comfortably and a place where you can connect with your horse. Of course, you can also connect with any horse you would like to share a moment with. To have the horse energy with you in the room you should have a photo or a sculpture of a horse for you to look at and to hold during the meditation.
  • Switch off your phone, to make sure you don’t get distracted by all the little noises our phone makes these days.
  • Close the door and let your housemates know that you’d like to have a quiet time for yourself.
  • Leave other pets in another room. They love to join in of course, but you are looking to connect with your horse.

Use this meditation in the stall together with your horse or sit in a field of your horse(s).

  • Working with this meditation with your horse is a wonderful way to relax together. Horses love to join in with our meditation.
  • First off make sure you are safe and to make sure your horse is safe. If the stall is in a busy barn this would make it difficult to truly connect. When you go out in the field, find a comfortable place to sit and to be safe. You don’t have to go and get your horse. The horse can just be out there grazing away. You will notice that your horse will move closer by. They love the calm energy and will make sure they can tap into this.
  • When this is the first time, be patient with yourself and your horse. This is new energy and both of you have to get used to it. So for both of you, there might be some level of discomfit. Keep working with it for a couple of days to figure out what works best for both of you.

What way of meditation works best for you? Leave your expectations for what they are. With meditation, it is always a different experience. To be honest, it is the experience you are needing today and it is all that you are ready for today. So no pressure. This is a fun experience. The interesting thing with this meditation is that sometimes the information comes later in the day or even the next day. You just need to be open to receive it.

I’d love to hear all about your experiences, thoughts on the download and even the little things you think are nothing. Send me a message!

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