Harness the horse's strength Embrace the powerful connection for a transformative and enriching experience

Be in tune with the power of the horse

Not only is a horse a majestic creature, but it is intelligent and sensitively aware of other mammals amongst them. Their intelligence is astounding, with quick reflexes when it comes to thinking on their feet. For many years, people have used these creatures to help with work. With the change in times, so their responsibility as working animals has shifted towards supporting people emotionally.

Familiar with the joke, “Horse people are stable people”?

Anxiety is one of the health issues we currently face due to the increased workload in most professions, stress at home, or everyday life challenges. Studies have shown that interaction between you and a horse has proven that the person feels calmer, happier, and more cheerful afterward. To be around a horse does not only entail sitting on them and riding them, you need to make eye contact, get in tune with the horse’s way of thinking and interact and respect this powerful animal’s way of breathing. Being around horses can help you to learn self-regulation of the horse’s emotions.

Horses, therefore, are not only a pretty face but, there is so much more than meets the eye – something that can be magical for both you and the horse when you embrace it and allow this mammal to guide you through your movements and emotions. Allow Sagittarius Way to help you unlock the secrets of the horse and get in tune with its powerful mind. Here is a great gift for you to become more in tune with the power of the horse.

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