Animal Spirit Connection: Nurturing Oneness Through Meditation

Welcome to “Animal Spirit Connection: Nurturing Oneness Through Meditation.” This course celebrates the bonds between humans, animals, nature, and spirit. Each day we’ll explore the intricate tapestry of life flourishing around us and connects with diverse animal spirits. Discover their timeless wisdom and sacred teachings.

Day 1: Wolf Wisdom  
Feel the wolf’s primal strength, the forest’s wild guardian. Learn from their instinctual intuition, their unbreakable bonds with their pack, and the art of finding one’s path in the grand tapestry of life.

Day 2: Owl’s Insight  
Embrace the mystical flight of the owl, the guardian of the night. Learn to see beyond the surface, to hear the whispers of the unseen, and to trust the inner vision that guides us through the mysteries of existence.

Day 3: Elephant Serenity 
Connect with the gentle giants of the savannah, the wise and empathetic elephants. Explore the depths of emotional connection, the power of compassion, and the importance of nurturing the bonds that tie us together.

Day 4: Butterfly Transformation 
Embark on a breathtaking journey of metamorphosis with the butterfly. Reflect on the beauty of change, embrace growth, and find solace in the delicate art of embracing life’s magnificent transitions.

Day 5: Deer Grace 
Discover the grace and elegance of the deer spirit, a symbol of gentleness and resilience. Learn to navigate life’s challenges with poise, tread lightly on the Earth, and carry a spirit of elegance in adversity.

Day 6: Dolphin Joy 
Dive into the playful world of dolphins, the joyful dancers of the deep. Learn the art of laughter, the magic of connection, and the harmonious dance of communication that binds all living beings.

Join us on a sacred journey as we explore guided meditation, vivid visualisations, and shared reflections to strengthen our connection with nature. Through the timeless wisdom of the animal kingdom, we will cultivate a profound sense of oneness with all living beings

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About Renée Vos de Wael, Animal Communicator

As a young child, Renee often found herself talking to animals. She loved it as they would tell me about their day; they would keep the joy in her life. She got to experience first-hand what it is like to have an animal as her best friend.

Renee works as an animal communicator, meditation teacher, Reiki master and intuitive coach. Renee love to guide you on your journey of healing. Her sessions are always unique and powerful.

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