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Hello, I am Renée Vos de Wael, deeply honored to welcome you into our fold—a sanctuary where the whispered secrets of the animal kingdom meet the open hearts of those who seek to understand them.

Your decision to join our community marks the beginning of a beautiful adventure, one where the bonds between humans and animals are not just recognized but celebrated and deepened. At Sagittarius Way, we believe in the silent language of the soul, a language that you’re about to explore and master through our exclusive offerings.

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As you explore these exclusive offerings, remember that this journey is yours to shape. Each step, each discovery, brings you closer to the essence of the connections we share with our animal companions and the natural world.

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Should you ever wish to reach out for guidance, to share a story, or simply to connect, my door is always open. Together, we will explore the depths of the bonds that tie us to the animal spirits that walk beside us, invisible to the eye but felt deeply in the heart.


‘Speaking your dog’s love language’ means finding ways to communicate and interact with them in a way they understand and enjoy. But have you ever wondered if you’re expressing your love in a way that your dog truly understands?

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‘Animal spirit connection: Nurturing oneness through meditation’ course celebrates the bonds between humans, animals, nature, and spirit. Each day we’ll explore the intricate tapestry of life flourishing around us and connect with diverse animal spirits.

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