What’s in a name?

A name comes with energy, with a personality. Animals can feel that energy, and they can like or dislike their name just like people can. Their personal history or the name’s history can affect them too.

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I worked with a dog named Rocket once, and he was hyper, explosive, and active, and the owners were at a loss. I suggested a calmer nickname, for when he has to be inside and settle down, and it made an incredible difference. So now when he goes out to play, they call him Rocket, and they use his other name when he has to calm down. During a session, I connect with your animal and communicate with them through feelings, images, and energy, and interpret them to you as best as I can. Once we have established the issue, I will then offer my help and solutions to best benefit you and your animal. If you are worried that your animal does not like their name, or it is negatively affecting them, this session is for you.