crisis treatment to improve communication - Win a one on one panic session Sagittarius Way.

Try this special crisis treatment to improve communication

Any relationship involves creating and maintaining an understanding that goes beyond the physical. This deepened connection will strengthen the bonds to sustain healthy, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationships. Our pets are part of our family and sometimes really communicating with them can be difficult, especially if you don’t know how to.

This month, I am having a competition. You stand a chance to win a special ‘one on  one panic room‘ session for one of your animal family members. This session involves me listening to your animal (on your behalf). A panic room session is a crisis treatment that works on a strict focus and communication. I work to determine wherein the problem lies. This would then be communicated to you, along with a solution for the problem.. As well as how they are feeling and get to the bottom of their issues. We could have a serious breakthrough. The session will deepen both of your connections, answer any questions you may have. I’ll provide solutions for a more harmonious and balanced connection.

If you would like to understand why your pet is withdrawn, anxious, acting out, or you simply want to deepen your understanding and bond. You are invited to enter – regardless of the reason. This competition is designed to help you grow closer. All you have to do is fill in your details, type of animal, and why you would like to have the animal communication session.

The competition will run from August 5th and will end on August 23rd. We will be announcing the winner on the Sagittarius Way Facebook page.

Fill in your details and stand a chance to win!

Or if its to late, if you’re in need of animal one on one panic rooms session at a great price , then have a look at our array of other treatments available here on Sagittarius Way .

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