Monthly Animal Fellowship community - Win a once-off animal fellowship session with Sagittarius way

Connect, share, and explore at my monthly Animal Fellowship community

Come gather with like-minded people and learn and share in my monthly animal fellowship community. If you would like to understand what animal fellowship is about or you simply want to deepen your bond, this is definitely for you. You are invited – regardless of the reason. All you have to do is come with love and openness.

This month, I have a new competition. You stand a chance to win a special Animal Fellowship session. You might want to understand your pet or simply want to deepen your bond. Come share your stories, meditate, explore animals, and ask questions about the animal of the month – mice. We will also hold space for one another for what needs to be shared and work on our own intentions.

The competition will run from October 4th and will end on October 22nd. I will announce the winner on the Sagittarius Way Facebook page.

Fill in your details and stand a chance to win!

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